Important Dates

21st July   June Monthly BAS due
28th July   June Quarter Superannuation Guarantee Payments due
28th July   June Quarterly BAS due

14th August   PAYG withholding annual report due
21st August   July Monthly BAS due
28th August   Taxable payments annual report due

21st September   August Monthly BAS due

21st October   September Monthly BAS due
28th October   September Quarter Superannuation Guarantee Payments due
28th October   September Quarterly BAS due
31st October   Individual Income Tax Returns due (if you are lodging it yourself)

21st November   October Monthly BAS due

21st December   November Monthly BAS due

21st January   December Monthly BAS due
28th January   December Quarterly Superannuation Guarantee Payments due

21st February   January Monthly BAS due
28th February   December Quarterly BAS due

21st March   February Monthly BAS due

21st April   March Monthly BAS due
28th April   March Quarter Superannuation Guarantee Payments due
28th April   March Quarterly BAS due

21st May   April Monthly BAS due
21st May   Fringe Benefits Tax Return due

21st June   May Monthly BAS due
30th June   End of Financial Year

Income tax returns have different Due Dates for lodgement depending on history of lodgement, size and entity type. Please check with us as to your due date for lodgement.



Jun. 10, 2014

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